Bare Conductive Lamp Kit

Bare Conductive Lamp Kit

Bare Conductive Lamp Kit
Bare Conductive | A-000000-03108
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Bare Conductive’s new amazing feat? Turning a piece of paper into a lamp using electronic paint and a bit of technology. And it works very well!

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Bare Conductive Lamp Kit: 3 lamps in 1 kit

Extremely easy to assemble, this electric paint kit allows you to create (and turn on!) a touch-sensitive lamp, a proximity lamp and a dimmer lamp. No tools are required, so you can forget about your soldering iron: a few strokes of your brush (dipped into electric paint), and you’re ready to go!

Bare Conductive Lamp Kit

Basically, you’ll transform a paper template into a lampshade, connect it to the electronic module included in the Bare Conductive kit by drawing the circuitry yourself with a bit of electric paint, and that’s it! The module offers 3 different operating modes (dimmer, proximity sensor and touch sensor) according to the circuit you create. You’ll also find 3 extra features: the “candle” mode (for a beautiful flickering effect), the “spin” mode and the “dice” mode (a spinning effect slowing down like a casino’s roulette wheel). The module embarks 6 LEDs of varying light intensities that are controlled by electrodes.

  • E8 – Off 
  • E9 – Low 
  • E10 – Low/Med 
  • E0 – Med/High 
  • E1 – High 
  • E2 – Brightest

A fun product for electronics beginners

The Bare Conductive Lamp Kit truly has an educational purpose. Very easy to use (no tools, no soldering and no programming required), it allows you to create a lamp using any compatible piece of paper, which makes an ideal toolkit for your educational workshops. It’s great for teaching children aged 14 and over the basics of electronics or programming. It goes without saying that creators and designers looking for new materials for their lighting inventions will be delighted with this kit.

Technical specifications of the Bare Conductive Lamp Kit

  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: 30 x 217 x 157 mm
  • Weight: 219 g
  • From 14 years

The kit includes:

  • 1 power module
  • 1 Electric Paint 10 ml tube
  • 1 micro USB cable
  • 1 touch lamp template
  • 1 dimmer lamp template
  • 1 proximity lamp template
  • 1 instruction test sheet

Resources for the Bare Conductive lighting kit

No need to spend hours on end trying to make the kit work: just watch the tutorial below!

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Age group
12-14 years
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