PT-2100 Jib Mounting Kit

PT-2100 Jib Mounting Kit

PT-2100 Jib Mounting Kit
ServoCity | A-000000-03464
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The PT-2100 Jib Mounting Kit offers a new means of attaching your pan & tilt system – now you can fix it to a crane jib and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your subject!

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PT-2100 Jib Mounting Kit: an ultra-simple system, no tools required

This pan & tilt jib mounting kit is ideal if you want to take stunning panoramic shots or create impressive camera movements from a height. Attach or hang your pan and tilt system using the high-resistance ABS plastic cylinder plate and its accompanying metal hardware. You’ll need no other tools and it will be fixed in place nice and safely!

Camera jib mount and compatible systems

The PT-2100 Jib Mounting Kit is designed to be fully compatible with the ServoCity PT-2100, PT-2100-XL, MPT2100-DS and MPT2100-DS-XL pan & tilt systems. It will easily support their respective weights and ensure they move smoothly.

Technical specifications of the camera Jib Mounting Kit

  • Weight: 340.1 g
  • Materials: ABS plastic plate and metal fasteners
  • Compatible systems: PT-2100, PT-2100-XL, MPT2100-DS, MPT2100-DS-XL
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