PT2645-S Wireless Pan & Tilt Kit

PT2645-S Wireless Pan & Tilt Kit

ServoCity | A-000000-03479

With the PT2645-S Wireless Pan & Tilt Kit, you get not only a high-quality efficient pan and tilt system where each axis is driven by its own integrated servo, but also a convenient wireless module for remote rotation and tilt control.

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Size Chart

A ServoCity pan & tilt kit assembled with love

This first-rate pan and tilt kit comes already assembled and ready for use. It includes an AA battery holder (but no batteries). Each axis of the pan and tilt head is equipped with a HSR-2645CRH continuous rotation servo motor, offering a high quality of movement whatever the speed and a very satisfactory torque. It is an open loop system that allows you to maintain your position even when releasing the joystick controls. You can easily install it on a tripod, or even hang it from a jib to capture larger landscapes.

PT2645-S Wireless Pan & Tilt Kit: you can keep your distance

The PT2645-S Pan & Tilt Kit comes with a 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX410 wireless control system. You will find its communication range and quality perfectly satisfactory, even if you decide to launch your system in the great outdoors. The Tactic remote control allows you to very closely control the movement of each axis, without moving from your chair.

Technical specifications of the PT2645-S Wireless Pan & Tilt Kit

  • Gear ratio: 7:1
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