Base pan DDP155

DDP155 Base Pan

Base pan DDP155
ServoCity | A-000000-03485
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The DDP155 Base Pan is designed for equipping your camera with a pan system, very discreetly.

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DDP155 Base Pan: a robust and undetectable system

Are you looking for a neat system to add pan capabilities to your project? This ServoCity base pan encloses your servo inside an ABS plastic tube for a clean and finished appearance. It has a dedicated slot for passing your servo’s connection cables.

The mounting system also allows for optimal load distribution and smooth rotation. Indeed, the servo shaft hub slides through a 6.35 mm high precision ball bearing plate offering great flexibility of movement. Plus, the chassis is designed so that the servo is better able to handle lateral loads.

A ServoCity base pan for greater freedom to create

The top plate has several holes throughout which you can fix your camera, a sensor or a compatible tilt system (DDT540 or DDT500, for instance). It also aligns with the Actobotics 19.5 mm or 38.1 mm patterns so you can design more sophisticated mechanical creations using aluminium structural components. The ABS tube not only encases the servo but it also has enough extra room to add small electronics such as a battery, a Wi-Fi receiver or an encoder.

Technical specifications of the DDP155 ServoCity base pan

  • Dimensions: 127 x 108.5 mm
  • Weight: 390 g
  • Servo spline compatibility: 24-tooth or 25-tooth standard spline
  • Servo size compatibility: standard

Resources for the DDP155 kit

The DDP155 base pan comes with a few useful links, available right here!

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