Système Pan standard DDP125

DDP125 Standard Pan

Système Pan standard DDP125
ServoCity | A-000000-03487
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The DDP125 pan system is a rotary pan base for use with a standard size servo (Futuba or Hitec, sold separately), commonly used to move cameras and sensors. It comes in kit form with all the necessary components and hardware to assemble.

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DDP125 pan system: capture stunning panoramic shots safely

This pan kit for servos features an extremely framework in ABS plastic, a 2.7 mm ball bearing supporting the servo hub shaft and a pack of lightweight and durable standoffs in aluminium. The DDP125 pan system can easily be connected to a 24-tooth or 25-tooth servo designed for robotics creations (a surveillance robot project, for example) or for R/C and UAV aircraft applications. You can create a very complete system by attaching your DDP125 to a DDT500 tilt kit.

ServoCity pan kit for servos: a delight for Actobotics fans

This Servocity pan kit is compatible with all the Actobotics parts (channels and other structural components) you may need to create a robotic chassis or rail system. Holes drilled into the servo hub shaft allow you to fix any components.

Technical specifications of the DDP125 pan kit for servos

  • Weight: 54.4 g
Servo spline compatibility: 24-tooth or 25-tooth standard spline Servo size compatibility: standard

Resources for the DDP125 ServoCity pan kit

Discover the many features of your DDP125 ServoCity pan kit and assemble it in no time!

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