TeraRanger Multiflex

TeraRanger Multiflex

TeraRanger Multiflex
Terabee | A-000000-03166
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TeraRanger Multiflex, by Terabee, gives you access to 8 distance sensors operating at a range of 1.1 metres. Flexible and adaptable, it is the ideal kit for creating obstacle avoidance robots.

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TeraRanger Multiflex: multiply by 8 your robot’s sensitivity to obstacles

TeraRanger Multiflex consists of 8 small infrared laser ToF distance sensors, 8 flex connector cables measuring 10 cm in length, and a hub with micro USB cable. Each sensor sends its information to the hub at an update rate of up to 50 Hz. The sensors come with dust and splash protection and operate at a range of up to 1.1 metres, ideal for indoor use.

These 8 TeraRanger distance sensors can be arranged in a line or in a circle. You can use just 2 or all of them, depending for example on whether you want to avoid obstacles, recognise certain gestures or perform automated operations.

A sensor kit that’s both easy to connect and to program

The TeraRanger Multiflex kit offers a UART, I2C and USB 2.0 compatible interface. It has an ROS for rapid implementation and lots of development possibilities. The system is so flexible and modular that it can be used for lots of different projects, involving for example a mobile robot, a robotic arm or an industrial robot.

Technical specifications of the Terabee distance sensor

  • ToF (Time-of-Flight) based infrared laser
  • Range: up to 1.10 metres
  • Update rate: up to 50 Hz
  • Resolution: 1 mm
  • Accuracy: ±6 cm
  • Field of view: approx. 20°
  • Supply voltage: 5 Vdc
  • Supply current: 50 mA (typical conditions with 8 sensors connected)


  • USB 2.0 micro-B
  • UART, +3.3 V, 115,200 baud
  • I2C, +3.3 V, 400 kHz


  • 7 DF13 pins
  • 1 micro USB connector (with 50 cm cable)


  • 2 g per sensor
  • Multiflex hub: 5 g
  • Total weight: approx. 20 g
  • Protection for sensors and hub supplied
  • Eye protection: Class 1 (compliant with IEC 60825-1:2014, 3rd ed.)


  • 8 sensors with protection
  • 1 Multiflex hub and 1 storage box
  • 8 flat flex cables (10 cm)
  • 1 micro USB cable (50 cm)

Resources for the TeraRanger Multiflex distance sensor

You can study, analyse, program and adapt your TeraRanger Multiflex using the resources we’ve gathered for you below!

Data sheet
Supply voltage
5 Vdc
Scanning frequency
40-50 Hz
Aperture angle
Scanning range
1-9 m
Laser beams
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