Marty WiFi Hotspot
Marty WiFi Hotspot

Marty WiFi Hotspot

Robotical | A-000000-03219

Does your Marty robot enjoy travelling to places where there isn’t always WiFi access? This Marty WiFi Hotspot, created in collaboration with Raspberry Pi, will overcome all your communication problems.

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A nomad WiFi connection for your educational Marty robot

Marty needs a WiFi connection to work. If you can't connect to one, or if it has specifical restrictions, the Marty WiFi hotspot will allow you to use your robot anyway.

The hotspot gives a local access to a ScratchX server, specially configured for Marty programming. It also contains the robot control and calibration applications, as well as some programs examples.

The WiFi network is generated by the Raspberry board, which is the core of the hotspot. If you want, you can even connect a screen, a keyboard and a mouse to the hospot to program Marty whitout a computer!

Technical specifications of the Raspberry Pi WiFi Hotspot

The Hotspot is delivered as a kit, including:

Resources for the Marty WiFi Hotspot

We’ve gathered some essential information and download links below to help you get your Marty WiFi Hotspot up and running:

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