Pince robotique ServoCity (Kit A) (copie)

ServoCity Sub-Micro Gripper

ServoCity | A-000000-03741

The ServoCity Sub-Micro Gripper is quickly assembled and very useful for picking up small objects.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

ServoCity Sub-Micro Gripper: a robotic gripper for micro-servo motors

This ServoCity robotic gripper can be assembled in just minutes with simply a Phillips screwdriver. The gripper kit comprises three parts, assembled using three screws supplied with the kit. It is compatible with the Hitec HS-55 and HS-5055MG micro-servo motors, and is ideal for precision work on small, light objects.

Technical specifications of the ServoCity 637104 robotic gripper

  • Weight: 4.8 g (without servo)
  • Servo spline compatibility: 15-tooth Sub-Micro (A1) spline
  • Servo size compatibility: Hitec HS-55 and HS-5055MG
  • Servo motor not included
  • Phillips screwdriver not included
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