Système Tilt SPT5485H

SPT5485HB Tilt System

Système Tilt SPT5485H
ServoCity | A-000000-03817
End of life product

The SPT5485HB Tilt System is characterised by its high-quality design. You can adapt it to your project to give your camera or sensor a 135° tilt angle.


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A carefully designed tilt system

With its high-resistance ABS plastic platform, reinforced aluminium and brass gears and stainless steel central shaft, the SPT5485HB Tilt System is designed to create a robust and reliable device offering great flexibility of movement. The ball bearing supporting the central shaft is machined to meet America’s grade 5 ABEC standards. Its platform can be tilted backwards 45° and forwards 90°.

The SPT5485HB Tilt System is designed in such a way that the servo’s power is transferred directly to the gear and not to the central shaft, hence limiting all risk of slipping. A stainless-steel potentiometer is also included so you can obtain feedback on the position of the platform.

A kit you can customise

The ServoCity Tilt System platform is drilled with various 6.35 mm diameter mounting holes. This means you can mount different devices, including a digital camera, a LiDAR range finder or any other sensor. The gears are offered in different reduction ratios (between 2:1 and 7:1), so you can adapt your Tilt system freely to meet your actual needs.

Technical specifications of the SPT5485HB Tilt System

  • Dimensions: 115.5 x 57.1 x 82 mm
  • Weight: 245.2 g
  • Maximum payload: 907.1 g
  • Max. speed: 1.19 sec.
  • Servo motor included: HS-5485HB
  • Assembled : No
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