Lot de pièces de structure 639018 ServoCity
Lot de pièces de structure 639018 ServoCity

ServoCity 639018 Assortment Pack

ServoCity | A-000000-03821

This ServoCity set offers an ultra-comprehensive collection of aluminium profiles and their compatible mounting hardware, for all your robotics creations!

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Size Chart

ServoCity profiles for robot: channels, beams, and much more

With this ServoCity 639018 set of structural components, you’ll get your hand on hundreds of parts of all kinds. You’ll find everything you need in this set to assemble almost all the chassis you could think of: plastic and aluminium beams, aluminium profiles, mounts, and all the nuts and screws you may need... It’s all there!

Technical specifications of the 639018 ServoCity assortment pack for robot

  • Total weight: approx. 907 g
  • Parts list: see the PDF document
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