Pièces de structure Actobotics® (Pack B)
Pièces de structure Actobotics® (Pack B)

Actobotics® Hardware (Pack B)

ServoCity | A-000000-03824

This set of screws with their compatible screwdriver will enable you to start assembling your structural robot parts.

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Size Chart

Actobotics Hardware Pack B: firmly fix your ServoCity profiles

This set of Actobotics® structural components includes 3 different packs of screws, and a slim head hex key long enough to access the tightest spaces in your chassis. All 3 types of screws are compatible with the 6-32 nuts offered by Actobotics®.

Technical specifications of the pack of screws for ServoCity aluminium profiles

  • Parts list:

Parts list

Resources for the Actobotics® hardware pack B

Don’t know what to do with your Actobotics® structural components version B? You’ll find some inspiration below!

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