Actobotics® Hardware (Pack A)

Actobotics® Hardware (Pack A)

Actobotics® Hardware (Pack A)
ServoCity | A-000000-03825
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This set of Actobotics® structural components version A includes everything you’ll need to assemble your first ServoCity profiles for robots.

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Actobotics Hardware Pack A: nuts, screws, and storage compartments

This set of Actobotics® structural parts consists of 380 screws, screw plates, nuts and washers. The screws come in several lengths (11) and they are all 6-32 compatible. This pack of components will enable you to fix your ServoCity aluminium profiles – also available on our site – firmly to your structure!

Technical specifications of the Actobotics® hardware pack A

  • Parts list:

Parts list

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Discover some of the amazing creation possibilities offered by this Actobotics® kit!

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