ServoCity Thrust Bearings

ServoCity Thrust Bearings

ServoCity Thrust Bearings
ServoCity | A-000000-03828
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Fix these ServoCity Thrust Bearings on the support shaft of a rail-mounted robotics project to ensure it stays in place.

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ServoCity Thrust Bearings: a wide range of sizes

These 13 roller bearings in various sizes have 13 different bores and are therefore suitable for all types of assembly. The bearings are made of strong, resistant steel.

Technical specifications of the thrust bearings for rail-mounted robots

  • 13 roller bearings
  • Bore dimensions: from 3.1 to 22.2 mm
  • Material: carbon steel, SAE 1018 steel balls

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Resources for the thrust bearing set

Check out all the details of your ServoCity thrust bearings thanks to this list of STEP files:

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