Multiplexer for EV3/NXT Motors

Multiplexer for EV3/NXT Motors

MindSensors | A-000000-03476

Connect 2 additional motors to your NXT or EV3 robot with this Multiplexer for EV3/NXT Motors.

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Multiplexer for EV3/NXT Motors: two motors... or more!

This multiplexer, compatible with the NXT and EV3 motors supplied with the Lego Mindstorms kits, allows you to add 2 extra motors in the blink of an eye. Easy to use, and programmable in EV3 and NXT IDEs, this multiplexer also allows you to create a chain connection with other multiplexers to benefit from even more motors on your EV3 or NXT robot, an EVShield or a PiStorms controller. So Arduino and Raspberry Pi fans will also be satisfied!

Technical specifications of the Multiplexer for EV3/NXT Motors

  • Compatible with NXT and/or EV3 motors, EVShield and PiStorms modules
  • Speed control, rotation programming, encoder-controlled rotations, etc.
  • Programming: EV3-G, NXT-G, NXC, RobotC
  • External power supply required for the motors

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