Sphero SPRK+ for Education

Sphero SPRK+ for Education

Sphero SPRK+ for Education
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This complete Sphero SPRK+ for Education pack will transform your discovery of robotics programming and STEAM into a stimulating game. Plus, you will meet a vast community of fans!


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Sphero SPRK+ for Education: collaborative STEAM learning

SPRK+ is a small spherical educational robot you can program using the Sphero Edu app. This is a visual app that is great for introducing secondary school pupils to the fundamentals of robotics programming by simply selecting and moving blocks. Once they’ve mastered the basics, they can begin using JavaScript for a more in-depth experience.

Sphero SPRK+ can navigate mazes, compete in a race, swim, dance, paint and communicate with his companions thanks to a Bluetooth connection. You can also benefit from the experience of an entire global user community, within which you can share tips and projects.

A complete pack for enjoying your Sphero SPRK+ to the full

This secondary school robot comes with all the equipment you need to immediately get started. Playgrounds and apps are available for free download, and you can create your own maze using the adhesive tape provided.

Its inductive charging base supplies the energy necessary for one hour of intensive play. If you want to recharge numerous robots at the same time, you simply need a compatible USB hub to connect several stations at once.

Technical specifications of the Sphero SPRK+ for Education secondary school robot

  • Polycarbonate shell with anti-UV coating
  • Bluetooth Smart connection range: 30.48 m
  • Speed: 2 m/s
  • Integrated LED glow
  • Inductive charging
  • Autonomy: more than 1 hour of play
  • Firmware and app updates for new features


  • 1 Sphero SPRK+ educational robot
  • Inductive charging base with USB cable
  • Adhesive tape (for creating mazes)
  • 1 360° protractor
  • 1 sheet of stickers
  • 1 quick start guide
  • 1 Sphero Edu app available for download from the App Store, Google Play, Chrome Store and Kindle Store
  • Playgrounds available for download from the App Store (compatible with the Sphero Arcade and Sphero Template playgrounds)
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Programming language
Programming language
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9-11 years
Age group
6-8 years
Age group
12-14 Jahre
Android tablet
iOS tablet
Power supply
Battery (rechargeable)
Robot type
Mobile robot
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