3/16” x 5/16” Ball Bearing

3/16” x 5/16” Ball Bearing

3/16” x 5/16” Ball Bearing
ServoCity | A-000000-03882
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A high-quality ServoCity ball bearing for all kinds of projects.

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3/16” x 5/16” Ball Bearing: stainless and efficient

The stainless steel 3/16” x 5/16” Ball Bearing adapts perfectly to ServoCity robotics chassis kits and Actobotics structural components. It allows frictionless rotation and can equip an outdoor mobile robot.

Technical specifications of the 535038 ServoCity component

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Length: 3.175 mm
  • Inside diameter: 4.762 mm
  • Outer diameter: 7.924 mm
  • Flange thickness: 0.889 mm
  • Flange diameter: 9.144 mm

Resources for the 535038 robotics component

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