Carte de contrôle Rick
Carte de contrôle Rick
Carte de contrôle Rick

Rick Control Board

Robotical | A-000000-03162

Owners of the Marty robotics kit will already be familiar with the Rick Control Board, which comes with each educational robot. Here we offer you the possibility to buy the microcontroller alone, for some new applications!

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Rick Control Board: embark on a new adventure with your Marty robot

Wondering what you could do with an extra Rick Control Board? You can use it as a replacement microcontroller if you lose the original board, or implement new programs and give your educational robot a new brain.

Got a 3D printer? Make your own DIY Marty and offer him this brand new board, equipped with an 8-pin GPIO connector, 9 channels for connecting your servos, a Wi-Fi module, an accelerometer and a built-in battery charger!

Technical specifications of the Rick board

  • STM32F446RE ARM M4 microcontroller
  • ESP8266 (ESP-12) Wi-Fi module with integrated microcontroller
  • MMA8652FCTX digital accelerometer
  • MCP73213 2-cell lithium polymer/lithium ion integrated battery charger

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