Centrale inertielle 9 degrés de liberté Razor M0

9 DoF Razor IMU M0

SparkFun | A-000000-02594

The 9 DoF Razor IMU M0 has a SAMD21 microprocessor and three 3-axis measuring instruments for accurately evaluating linear acceleration, angular rotation velocity and magnetic field vectors.

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9 DoF Razor M0: a versatile and reprogrammable IMU

The 9 DoF Razor IMU M0 by SparkFun was created by combining an SAMD21 microprocessor equipped with a pre-installed firmware with an IMU with 3 sensors:

  • 1 x 3-axis accelerometer
  • 1 x 3-axis gyroscope
  • 1 x 3-axis magnetometer

You can use the Razor M0 module with its original firmware, or you can reprogram it in Arduino via a USB connection. The microprocessor offers full hardware compatibility with Arduino and Arduino Zero.

How do I use my 9 DoF Razor IMU M0?

With the 9 DoF Razor IMU M0, you benefit from an ultra-precise navigation instrument, including calculation of Euler angles and quaternions. You can also use it to create a pedometer.

Technical specifications of the Razor IMU M0

  • Integrated MPU-9250 IMU and SAMD21 microprocessor
  • 1 LiPo battery charger
  • 1 microSD card slot
  • Pre-installed firmware to load and process accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data, and/or quaternions and Euler angles
  • Arduino-programmable via USB: new code library available for the IMU, with support for the chip’s digital motion processing capabilities
  • Additional SAMD21 pins
  • On/off switch

Resources for the Razor IMU M0

Below is a complete list of useful resources that we’re offering to help you better understand how the 9 DoF Razor IMU M0 works:

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