Challenge Cards for Dash Robot

Challenge Cards for Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Inc. | A-000000-03243

Make using your Dash robot even more fun and rewarding with this set of 24 challenge cards!


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Size Chart

Game cards for your educational Dash robot

Dash the robot and its free Blockly app offer an ideal solution for children who want to learn robotics while having fun. These challenge cards for Dash from Wonder Workshop include many activities that can be performed individually or in groups. They teach the fundamentals of robot programming through events, loops, conditionals and more.

Technical specifications of the challenge cards for Dash

Kit includes:

  • 24 challenge cards
  • 1 solution guide
  • 1 sheet of stickers

  • To use these cards, you’ll need Dash the robot and the free Blockly app
  • They can be used with the K-5 Learn to Code Curriculum Pack