TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer

TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer

TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-04026
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The TCA9548A I2C multiplexer allows you to get up to 8 same-address I2C devices hooked up to one Arduino microcontroller.
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TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer: up to 64 I2C sensors for only 8 addresses

Not many connection possibilities for I2C sensors are available on the Arduino microcontroller because of its address limitations. With this multiplexer from Adafruit, you can get up to 8 same-address I2C devices hooked up.

And the TCA9548A I2C multiplexer offers 8 different selectable addresses (0x70-0x77), so the connection possibilities are multiplied by 8. The chip comes mounted on a compatible breadboard.

Technical specifications of the Adafruit I2C multiplexer

  • Selectable adresses: 0x70-0x77
  • Weight: 1,8 g

Resources for the I2C Multiplexer

A comprehensive tutorial and a video demo are available to help you make the most of the TCA9548A I2C multiplexer.

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