Tinkerbots Robotics Starter Set

Tinkerbots Robotics Starter Set

Tinkerbots | A-000000-04050

With the Tinkerbots Robotics Starter Set, you get not one, but four mobile robot models that you can build with your child then control using the Tinkerbots World App!

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Size Chart

Tinkerbots Robotics Starter Set: 4 models in 1 for experimenting... or more!

Want to build a racing car, an elephant, a mobile 2 or 4-wheeled platform? Nothing could be easier with Tinkerbots! Simply assemble the bricks around your robot’s Powerbrain, which will manage both its energy and data. Simply follow the instructions provided by the Tinkerbots app to assemble 4 different robots capable of moving in all directions.

Prefer to create an original educational robot? You can use the adaptor bricks to complete the architecture of your mobile platform using LEGO bricks or construction parts from other systems. And there are lots more surprises in store!

An intuitive application for learning how to program

How do you control a Tinkerbots creation?

  • Program your robot manually using the keypad found on the Powerbrain (the red cube)
  • Download the Tinkerbots World App to connect to your robot via Bluetooth and create your programs

Good news! The Tinkerbots set is also compatible with Blockly (and Arduino), offering you even more intuitive coding options.

Technical specifications of the Tinkerbots 46 Set

  • From 5 years of age (not suitable for children under 3, choking hazard)
  • Made in Germany
  • Blockly and Arduino compatible
  • 1 Powerbrain (including a microcontroller)
  • 1 motor module
  • 1 pivot module
  • Cubie bricks for adding LEGO parts
  • Herunterladen die Tinkerbots apps
Various construction parts
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