Sphero Bolt Power Pack

Sphero Bolt Power Pack

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All the features of the Sphero Bolt educational robot... multiplied by 15!

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A complete Sphero Bolt kit for use in classrooms

The Sphero Bolt Power Pack contains no fewer than 15 educational robots in a special case. If you are not yet familiar with the small, spherical Sphero mobile robot, you will find a full description here.

This set contains everything you’ll need to run a robotics or STEM training workshop for pupils of all ages. The 15 small transparent robots come with 15 inductive charging cradles, a host of stickers to customise each Sphero Bolt, and enough tape to create the most complex tracks and mazes. Once programmed, the robots will be able to pass through them and show just how clever they are!

Like all Sphero Bolt robots, they are equipped with an infrared communication module, so you can also organise games and activities involving several spheres capable of interacting with each other.

Help your pupils progress with Sphero Edu

The pack includes a quick start guide. However, we strongly recommended that you download the Sphero Edu app to organise hours of educational play for your classroom. This scalable application is designed for both young pupils discovering the basic principles of programming, and teenagers already capable of programming in JavaScript. The activities gradually increase in difficulty to prevent children from becoming bored.

You also have access to the entire Sphero Bolt user community, for discovering new projects and receiving answers to any questions you may have.

Technical specifications of the Sphero Bolt Power Pack

  • Charging time: 2 h
  • Inductive charging system
  • Automatic aiming
  • Strong and durable shells
  • Bluetooth Smart wireless connection
  • 1 RGB 8x8 LED matrix per robot
  • IR communication between Sphero Bolt robots
  • 1 Power Pack storage and charging case
  • 15 Sphero Bolt robots
  • 15 inductive charging cradles with USB cables
  • 15 protractors with heading, directions and clock
  • 15 transparent turbo covers
  • 15 rolls of maze tape
  • 124 stickers
  • 1 quick start guide
  • 3 apps for free download: Sphero Edu (iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, Google Chrome), Sphero Play (iOS et Android), Swift Playgrounds (iOS) (compatible with Sphero Arcade and the Sphero Template playgrounds)
  • Sphero Edu app for iOS
  • Sphero Edu app for Android
Data sheet
Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Age group
6-8 years
Age group
12-14 Jahre
Age group
9-11 years
Android tablet
iOS tablet
Power supply
Battery (rechargeable)
Robot type
Mobile robot
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