Récepteur Grove FM I2C V1.1

Grove I2C FM Receiver v1.1

Récepteur Grove FM I2C V1.1
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Build your own DIY radio with this Grove I2C FM Receiver v1.1 including a headset jack!

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Grove I2C FM Receiver v1.1: high-quality audio for all your favourite radio stations

This Grove receiver is based on the single-chip RDA5807M board. It features a fully integrated synthesiser, a digital audio processor and a headset jack for connecting earphones.

Technical specifications of the 107020049 Grove FM receiver

  • Grove interface
  • RDS/RDBS support
  • Digital auto gain control
  • Power supply: 3.3-5V
  • Supported frequency bands: 50-115 MHz
  • Weight: 10.40 g


  • 1 Grove I2C FM Receiver v1.1
  • 1 Grove cable

Resources for the Grove I2C FM receiver

The Grove I2C FM Receiver v1.1 wiki page describes it in great detail.

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