Bluetooth Hat Module for Cubelets

Bluetooth Hat Module for Cubelets

Modular Robotics | A-000000-04115

Cap your creation with the Bluetooth Hat to control and change the behaviour of your robot remotely using your tablet or smartphone!

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Bluetooth Hat module for Cubelets: hats off to the Cubelets app

With Cubelets, you can build all sorts of robots, mobile or not, simply by combining cubes, each of which serves its own specific function. The Bluetooth module easily pairs your invention with any Bluetooth-enabled wireless device. Install the Cubelets app and connect the Bluetooth Hat: you can now control from a distance the software blocks inside your hardware blocks. Using this user-friendly and scalable app, you can change a Cubelet’s code and pilot your robot.

You can connect the Bluetooth Hat module with a simple snap. All you have to do afterwards is follow the instructions to start carrying out your own experiments.

Technical specifications of the Bluetooh Hat for Cubelets


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