Robotis Play 700 Ollobot

Robotis Play 700 Ollobot

Robotis Play 700 Ollobot
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Introduce your child to the joys of STEAM with the Robotis Play 700 Ollobot kit – they’ll be able to build 6 reconfigurable and programmable robot models using a mobile or PC!

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Robotis Play 700 Ollobot: let your creativity run wild

With the Robotis Play 700 Ollobot kit you can build robots by simply assembling the various parts. Children can create up to 6 different robot models, then design their own creature once they are familiar with how the kit works.

  • The scorpion robot is a mobile robot that can be controlled by voice or remotely, capable of drawing lines;
  • The puppy robot moves by rotating its 2 rear wheels. It can trace or avoid a line and can be controlled remotely;
  • The car robot moves by rotating its 4 wheels and can be controlled remotely;
  • The windmill is activated by rotating a wheel. It reacts when you blow into the mic;
  • The bear robot climbs immediately onto its bar as soon as it picks up a sound or vibration;
  • The bird robot starts to move when it detects a light or a slope.

The kit comes with an assembly manual and the RoboPlus Design app that you can download free of charge to help you build your robots. The same set of parts can be used to create up to 4 models: a scorpion, car, dog or windmill. And each robot can be controlled remotely using a mobile or tablet thanks to the R+Play700 app.

A robotics kit for developing your STEAM skills

The term STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) is used to designate a set of scientific and technological skills with which you can combine creative talent.

Each robot will introduce your child to the principles behind different mechanical movements, from detection to environmental signals. Coding is also covered thanks to the R+Play700 (Android or iOS) app that they can use to program their robot on Scratch (Mac and Windows).

Technical specifications of the Robotis Play robotics kit

  • 6 different robots to build: scorpion, dog, car, windmill, bear and bird
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Free R+Play700 app (Android or iOS) for robot activation and control
  • 3D building instructions with the free R+Design app (PC, Android, iOS)
  • Assembly manual included
  • 2 downloadable programming apps: R+Scratch (PC) and R+Task2.0 (PC, iOS, Android)
  • PC connection with a BT-410 Dongle (not supplied), required to use R+Scratch
  • Age: 8 years and over

Robotis Play 700 parts

Robotis Play 700 parts

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