NAO POD Docking Station

NAO POD Docking Station

Avatarion | A-000000-04245

The NAO POD Docking Station is the new-generation docking station designed by Avatarion. It offers a multitude of features for your NAO robot, from wireless charging to hotspot connections.


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Size Chart
Size Chart

NAO robot pod: a hi-tech throne for your NAO robot

Once he has settled in this stylish seat, your robot will connect automatically to the NAO charger via the compatible socket located at the back. You can use the YEOlab software that comes with the pod to program your robot to sit or stand up from the chair unaided using the integrated QR detection code.

The NAO POD Docking Station includes a carrying handle so you can take it with you anywhere. It is compatible with all the NAO robots.

A host of features in a single NAO charger

The Avatarion NAO POD Docking Station is much more than just a NAO charger. At the back of the station you will find various innovative features:

  • A WiFi/4G NAO robot hotspot that can be viewed on a display to connect your tablet, mobile phone or computer to your NAO robot
  • A loudspeaker enabling NAO to be heard in public
  • A micro USB cable for charging your mobile phone or tablet
Nao Pod docking station

Technical specifications of the NAO POD Docking Station

  • Colour: white
  • Connections included
  • NAO charging adapter
  • “Sit/Stand” technology
  • Trial version of the YEOlab software for Android tablet
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