Thymio Educational Booklet
Thymio Educational Booklet

Thymio Educational Booklet

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Organise a comprehensive and exciting workshop for introducing your pupils to robotics thanks to the Thymio activity booklets. One Thymio booklet for teachers, one booklet containing activity sheets for pupils, everything you need to discover and program this famous educational robot.

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A complete teacher’s guide for the primary and secondary school Thymio robot

The Thymio robot is an educational, mobile robotics platform offering a multitude of functions particularly suitable for teaching robotics from primary school onwards.

Activity books for the teacher with the Thymio robot

This Thymio educational activity guide gives a complete overview of all the possible ways you can teach robotics using Thymio:

  • Learn about Thymio’s pre-programmed features and teach your pupils to invent new ones using Scratch, Blockly, VPL or Aseba Studio.
  • Introduce them to the small mobile robot’s basic functions and its various components.
  • Organise any of the 46 didactic activities to address many different areas of robotics programming. For example, Thymio can learn how to move around while avoiding obstacles, how to react to his environment, how to balance on a ball and how to draw... and because he is Lego brick compatible he can also be transformed at will!

A complementary booklet of Thymio activities for pupils

Your pupils have discovered a passion for Thymio’s 1001 functions and want to learn even more? You might want to lend them this Thymio activity booklet for pupils.

It contains detachable sheets that are an ideal accompaniment to the teaching material contained in booklet number one. Pupils will enjoy working on them alongside the activities you organise yourself in order to further increase their knowledge and enjoy many more hours of play.

Technical specifications of the booklets for the primary and secondary school Thymio robot

  • Includes:
    • 1 Thymio educational activities booklet (for teachers)
    • 1 booklet of educational activity sheets (for pupils)
    • 46 activities
    • Additional detachable sheets