Power Hub 6 Port RX/EX

6 Port Power Hub for MX-R Dynamixel servos

Power Hub 6 Port RX/EX
Trossen Robotics | A-000000-04020
End of life product

This Dynamixel hub can power up to 5 Dynamixel RX, EX, or MX servo motors using the same charging port.


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6 Port RX/EX Power Hub: daisy chain up to 5 Dynamixel servo motors on the same power hub

Dynamixel servo motors can be connected in a single chain. However, in more complex configurations, you may sometimes need to use multiple chains in parallel.

With this Dynamixel power hub, you’ll be able to power up to 5 RX, EX, or MX servo motors with a 4-pin connector. The 6th port is used for connecting the power hub to your controller using a compatible 4-pin cable.

Dynamixel Power Hub: 2 power modes available

The 6-port RX/EX power hub features 2 power options: a screw terminal block and a barrel jack.

The female barrel jack will accept any SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supplies) as well as a battery wiring harness.

Technical specifications of the 6-port RX/EX power hub

  • Compatible Dynamixel servos: RX-24F, RX-28, RX-64, MX-28R, MX64R, MX-106R, EX-106
  • Dynamixel MX64R, MX-106R, and EX-106 servos: require a separate Dynamixel SMPS2 adapter for the SMPS mode
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