Cubelets Curiosity Kit

Cubelets Curiosity Kit

Cubelets Curiosity Kit
Modular Robotics | A-000000-04118
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Cubelets Curiosity Kit

This kit of 10 cubelets contains the perfect mix of cubelets for beginners and advanced users as well as a module Bluetooth HAT. This module will allow you to control and program your creation remotely under smartphone or tablet. With the Cubelets Curiosity kit, you can create simple robots that are mobile and reactive.

The starter kit Cubelets Curiosity contains:

  • Cubelets Actions
    • 2 x drive for displacing Cubelet
    • 1 x rotate Cubelet
    • 1 x light emitter Cubelet (Flashlight)
  • Cubelets sensors
    • 2 x distance sensor Cubelet
    • 1 x Cubelet brightness sensor
  • Think Cubelets
    • 1 x inverse Cubelet
    • 1 x passive Cubelet
    • 1 x battery Cubelet 2.0
    • 1 x bluetooth Cubelet Hat
  • 2 x Cubelets Brick Adapter
  • 1 x Micro-USB cable

How does the Cubelets Curiosity modular robotics set work?

The Cubelets are cubes that connect magnetically and spontaneously communicate with each Cubelets connected to it. The Cubelets are a great way to start robotics without knowledge in programming or electronic. The Cubelets are particularly suitable for young people aged 6 to 16 years. Reflection is the only tool you need to start understanding the foundations of robotics using the principles of Cubelets.

Resources for the Cubelets robots

This Cubelets robots getting started guide is the only resource you need to familiarise yourself with these bots!

Data sheet
Age group
3-5 years
    For which age group are the Cubelets best suited?

    Cubelets are scalable: children as young as 8 year-old can play with them! More advanced (and older) users will be able to reprogram each Cubelet with the C language thanks to the Cubelet Flash software (Windows and Mac).

    How can I update my Cubelets firmware? (the firmware is the software inside each Cubelet, it needs to be up-to-date).

    You will just need to follow the manufacturer firmware update instructions on this linkOnly for the Cubelets purchased before april 2016.

    Are the Cubelets compatible with Scratch?

    No, but Cubelets are compatible with Blockly, Google's equivalent to Scratch. However, nothing is impossible in the world of computer science, and if feel like it, you can create a Scratch extension for Cubelets with ScratchX

    Where can I find exercises and activities for my lessons/workshops?

    We have gathered the best educational resources, classified by levels or by robots on our website. You can consult them via this link.

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