Cubelets Discovery Set
Cubelets Discovery Set
Cubelets Discovery Set

Cubelets Discovery Set

Modular Robotics | A-000000-04117

The Cubelets Discovery Set offer many mixing options making it easy for your child to invent countless robot constructions. Each Cubelet contains its own block of software and can be controlled remotely using an app!

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Cubelets Discovery Set: 5 Cubelets, a world of possibilities

This discovery set contains 5 Cubelets having each a special function. One can power your constructions, another one can detect the amount of light hitting its sensor, another one can set a robot in motion...

cubelet discovery set

The set also includes 1 Bluetooth Hat module for pairing with other devices. With the 2 supplied brick adapters, you can connect Cubelets and LEGO bricks (or any other compatible construction bricks). A micro-USB cable allows you to recharge your Battery Cubelet, for up to 6 hours of fun. At last, you’ll get a printed manual and a guide that can be downloaded free of charge, plenty to keep you busy exploring the full potential of Cubelets.

A set of Cubelets for developing your child’ skills

What is a Cubelet? It’s a little block of software inside a little construction block. Each Cubelet has a unique, special function. How you assemble your Cubelets changes the behaviour of your robot. A robot that turns on automatically when it senses a presence, a mobile robot that can avoid obstacles, a nightlight robot glowing in the dark... Your child can craft countless constructions! With the Cubelets app, you can change the behaviour of each block and control your creations remotely.

Cubelets are great for introducing robotics and programming to kids and helping them develop their skills. Youngsters will use logical reasoning, get to grips with robotics, improve their analytical and problem-solving capabilities, increase their knowledge... This Cubelets set is suitable for children from the age of 4 up to 10 and over. Building with Cubelets keeps the lessons coming, progressing in difficulty as users master new skills.

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