Gripper 3 "Adaptative" for Niryo One robot arm

Gripper 3 "Adaptative" for Niryo One robot arm

Niryo | A-000000-04324

Big size gripper for Nyro One robot arm, allowing to hold round or irregular items.

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Size Chart

Gripper 3 "Adaptative" for Niryo One : one Gripper to catch’em all!

Grasping round or irregular items can be challenging if you do not have the proper tool. Gripper 3 for Niryo robotic arm has articulated fingers which keep the object well in the center. It ensures an optimal prehension and avoids damaging the grasped item.

It becomes possible to hold objects such as mugs, apples, balls… and even hollow items such as metal pipes, that are grasped from the inside.

Technical specifications of Gripper 3 "Adaptative"

  • Weight : 105 g
  • Length (gripper closed) : 125 mm
  • Max. opening width : 90 mm
  • Picking distance from end effector base : 85 mm
  • Servomotor type : Dynamixel XL-320

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