Vacuum pump and suction cup for Niryo One robot arm

Vacuum pump and suction cup for Niryo One robot arm

Niryo | A-000000-04325

Pneumatic device allowing your Niryo One robot to pick and place items with a suction cup.

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Size Chart

Vacuum pump and suction cup for Niryo One : expand the possibilities

Your Niryo One robotic arm comes with a gripper which can grasp lots of different small items.

Though, it is sometimes much easier to use a suction cup for pick and place actions - especially with flat items, or items with one flat surface, such as cards, box covers, cans...

Also, the Niryo One pump is particularly quiet, compare with other similar devices. Here a Dynamixel XL-320 servo actuates a syringe to pump the air out.

The whole vacuum system is enclosed in a nicely designed box !

Technical specifications of the Niryo One vacuum pump

  • Weight (on the end effector tool) : 5 g
  • Length (box) : 125 mm
  • Suction cup diameter : 20 mm
  • Picking distance from end effector base : 20 mm
  • Servomotor type : Dynamixel XL-320

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