Luos Distance Board

Luos Distance Board

Luos Distance Board
Luos | A-000000-04289
End of life product

The Distance board is a robot prototyping module designed for the Luos system. Thanks to the embedded laser range finder, your creation is able to assess its environment more accurately.


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Luos Distance Board: add a laser to your modular robotics project

This Distance board belongs to the Luos family of sensor modules. The embedded laser range finder can detect objects and obstacles at a distance of 2 cm to 2 m. With its two universal Robus connectors, it easily connects to any of your Luos boards.

Technical specifications of the Luos laser range finder

  • Motherboard: L0
  • Input voltage: 5-24V
  • Robus connectors: 2
  • Sensor: laser range finder
  • Output: millimetres

Resources for the Luos Distance module

Full documentation is available to further explore the Luos system and its Distance board:

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