Carte USB Luos

Luos USB Board

Carte USB Luos
Luos | A-000000-04292
End of life product

The Luos USB board allows you to connect your modular robotics system to your computer using a micro-USB cable.


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Luos boards for connecting your robot prototyping projects

To connect your Luos USB board to your computer system, you need to use the micro-USB connector at the opposite of the 2 Robus connectors (the second USB connector is only used to update the board). Then, the Luos Robotics USB module opens a serial port in your system into which you need to set your JSON data. The tutorial listed in the resources below includes the Python code samples required to use the USB board on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Technical specifications of the Luos USB Module

  • Motherboard: L0
  • Main processor: Cortex m0
  • Input voltage: 5-24V
  • Robus connectors: 2
  • Shared voltage: 5V
  • Output power: 500 mA max.
  • Connector: micro-USB
  • USB serial speed: 1 Mbaud/s

Resources for the Luos USB Board

Check out the full documentation and tutorial below to get rapidly started with your Luos USB board:

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