eMMC Xu4 Linux Module - 32 GB

eMMC Xu4 Linux Module - 32 GB

eMMC Xu4 Linux Module - 32 GB
Hardkernel | A-000000-02846
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The eMMC XU4 Linux module - 32 GB delivers read/write speeds 3 to 4 times higher than those of a UHS1 microSD card. It allows you to upgrade Linux on your XU4 board.

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eMMC XU4 Linux Module: 32 GB of memory and better performance

This eMMC module comes with Ubuntu pre-installed. It also offers your Odroid XU4 board 32 GB of extra memory. It is approximately 4x faster than a UHS1 microSD card for read and write operations.

To load or upgrade your operating system on the eMMC XU4 Linux module; you’ll need to get your hands on an eMMC module reader or a USB 3.0 module. A 8 GB version of the eMMC is also available on our site.

Technical specifications of the eMMC XU4 Linux module

  • Read speed: 140 MB/s
  • Write speed: 39.3 MB/s
    • eMMC interface: version 5.1 or above
  • JEDEC/MMCA: version 5.0 (HS400 interface with 8-bit DDR mode)
  • PCB revision: 0.4
  • Not included: eMMC reader module / USB 3.0 eMMC reader module / Odroid XU4

Technical specifications of the eMMC module for Odroid XU4

We’ve grouped together everything you’ll need to make the best use of your eMMC Xu4 Linux module - 32 GB.

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