Module eMMC C2 Linux Black - 32GB

eMMC C2 Linux Black Module - 32 GB

Module eMMC C2 Linux Black - 32GB
Hardkernel | A-000000-02672
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Upload a new Linux distribution and benefit from 32 GB of memory with the eMMC C2 Linux Black module, compatible with Odroid C0, C1+ and C2.

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eMMC C2 Linux Module - 32 GB: more efficient than a micro SD card

This eMMC Black Edition module offers 32 GB of memory and read/write speeds well above those of microSD cards, including the high-capacity version.

It comes with Ubuntu 16.04 or higher pre-installed. It enables you to upload your new OS on your Odroid C2, C1+ or C0 board. If you wish to upgrade your OS, you can use an eMMC module reader and a USB 3.0 multi-card drive and upload a new distribution from your computer.

Technical specifications of the eMMC C2 Linux Black module

Memory: 32 GB Compatible with Amlogic S905 and S805 series (Odroid C0, C1+, C2) Not included: Odroid C2 board / eMMC reader module / USB 3.0 multi-card drive

Technical specifications of the eMMC module for Odroid C2

We’ve grouped together everything you’ll need to make the best use of your eMMC Xu4 Linux module - 32 GB :

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