Contrôleur de moteur brushless SBL 1 x 60A 60V - SBL 2360 S

Brushless Motor Controller Roboteq 1 x 60A 60V - SBL 2360 S

Contrôleur de moteur brushless SBL 1 x 60A 60V - SBL 2360 S
Roboteq | A-000000-04356
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The Roboteq SBL 2360 S motor controller ensures continuous, high-quality rotation of brushless DC motors up to 60A and 60V.

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An ultra-sensitive brushless motor controller

The Roboteq SBL 2360 S controller belongs to the SBL23XX range of medium-current controllers. It offers different operating modes for sensing the rotor position and sequence power, or ensuring smooth and continuous rotation:

  • Open or closed loop speed control
  • Position control
  • Torque control

Information transmitted by the Hall effect sensor or motor encoder allows the Roboteq controller to calculate both its speed and the distance travelled. You can send commands to your controller using an RC radio, a joystick, a USB device or even a microcomputer. If you create a CAN network, you can also control up to 127 motor controllers.

Simple programming thanks to RoboRun+

The SBL 2360 S controller can be configured, customised and programmed using MicroBasic scripts. The free RoboRun+ licence gives you access to a PC utility that offers an intuitive interface for editing and writing lines of code.

The Roboteq SBL 2360 S motor controller also has a control solution for autonomous and mobile robots , industrial vehicles and automated systems, monitoring systems, etc.

Technical specifications of the SBL 2360 S controller

  • Compatible motor type: brushless DC
  • Max. voltage: 60V
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Direction: forward/reverse
  • Power per channel: 60A max.
  • Continuous power per channel: 60A
  • ON resistance: 4.5 mOhms
  • Power connections: screw terminal
  • Field oriented control (FOC)
  • Communication: analogue, RS232, USB, CAN bus, RS485
  • Control loop: 1 ms
  • Regenerative braking
  • Analogue inputs: 8 max.
  • Digital inputs: 10 max.
  • Digital outputs: 4
  • Digital outputs: 4
  • Pulse inputs: 8 max.
  • Encoder: yes
  • Cooling: conduction plate
  • Safe Torque Off (STO): yes
  • Dimensions: 123 x 83 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 100 g

Resources for the Roboteq SBL 2360 S controller

We have gathered all the documentation you’ll need below to help you use your Roboteq SBL 2360 S brushless motor controller properly:

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