Brushless Motor Controller Roboteq 2 x 20A 96V - SBL 2396

Brushless Motor Controller Roboteq 2 x 20A 96V - SBL 2396

Brushless Motor Controller Roboteq 2 x 20A 96V - SBL 2396
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The Roboteq SBL 2396 controller offers a drive system for 2 brushless motors either equipped with a Hall effect sensor or without a sensor.

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Roboteq SBL 2396 controller: efficient and safe

The SBL 2396 brushless motor controller can connect to two motors to ensure they meet the rotation preferences communicated to the controller. The controller uses the information received from the motor’s sensor to detect the position of the rotor and ensure smooth rotation. In its sensorless trapezoidal mode, the Roboteq controller can even support sensorless motors.

The SBL 2396 model delivers a drive function up to 20A per motor, with a maximum voltage of 96V. It can operate the motors in closed or open loop mode, in position control mode, or in torque control mode. Its regenerative braking system limits heat propagation and allows kinetic energy to be reused. The controller is cooled by means of an integrated conduction plate.

Many available communication modes

The SBL 2396 motor controller has different communication channels and can be programmed and configured using MicroBasic and the RoboRun+ PC utility. Simply communicate your orders by means of a joystick, wireless modem, RC radio or microcomputer.

You can configure the analogue and digital I/Os installed on the controller as command or feedback inputs, or for a variety of other functions as required.

Technical specifications of the Roboteq 2x20A controller

  • Compatible motor type: brushless DC
  • Max. voltage: 96V
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Direction: forward/reverse
  • Power per channel: 20A max.
  • Continuous power per channel: 13A
  • ON resistance: 9 mOhms
  • Power connections: screw terminal
  • Sensorless trapezoidal control enabled
  • Field oriented control (FOC)
  • Communication: analogue, RS232, USB, CAN bus, RS485
  • Control loop: 1 ms
  • Regenerative braking
  • Analogue inputs: 8 max.
  • Digital inputs: 10 max.
  • Digital outputs: 4
  • Pulse inputs: 8 max.
  • Encoder: yes
  • Cooling: conduction plate
  • Safe Torque Off (STO): no
  • Dimensions: 123 x 83 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 100 g

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