OrbittyBox (ENC001-XHG302) pour NVIDIA JETSON TX2 /TX1

OrbittyBox (ENC001-XHG302) for NVIDIA JETSON TX2/TX1

OrbittyBox (ENC001-XHG302) pour NVIDIA JETSON TX2 /TX1
CONNECT TECH | A-000000-04431
End of life product

The OrbittyBox can house an Orbitty Carrier development board, an NVIDIA JETSON TX1 or TX2 and a Connect Tech heat sink in a dedicated enclosure.


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OrbittyBox ENC001-XHG302: for neatly organised projects

The OrbittyBox enclosure consists in 2 metal machined parts that can easily house your NVIDIA JETSON project featuring an Orbitty Carrier board and a heat sink. All connection ports remain accessible even when it is closed, and it's lightweight enough to integrate into any of your electronics or robotics projects.

Technical specifications of the OrbittyBox protective case for NVIDIA JETSON

  • Compatibility: NVIDIA JETSON TX1, TX2
  • Metal enclosure
  • Dimensions: 95.2 x 63 x 58.2 mm
  • Weight (enclosure and fasteners): 113 g
  • Weight (with Orbitty board, module and heat sink): 204 g
  • Antenna: 2 optional SMA antenna connectors
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