Robot programmable BitBot XL (carte micro:bit non incluse)

BitBot XL Programmable Robot (micro:bit board not included)

Robot programmable BitBot XL (carte micro:bit non incluse)
4tronix | A-000000-04505
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Now even stronger and better designed, BitBot XL is the micro:bit programmable robot that has replaced the standard BitBot platform.

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BitBot XL, a micro:bit programmable robot

BitBot is a mobile platform equipped with two line following sensors and two RGB LED light rails. It includes a dedicated slot for the BBC micro:bit board, the brains behind the vehicle.

This programmable and educational mobile robot, accessible to pupils from secondary school level has various accessories that you can use to develop your robot’s skills, including a talon grabber equipped with its own servo and an ultrasonic sensor.

BitBot XL, the “chunky” robot for micro:bit boards

The lucky owners of a BBC micro:bit board (and those just waiting for a good excuse to buy one) will enjoy a chunkier and stronger mobile robot with wider and lower wheels. Also new is the ability to insert a micro:bit vertically. It is better than the standard version in numerous ways:

  • BitBot XL has a slot for 3 AA batteries attached directly to the board
  • The motor gearboxes are better protected
  • The line following sensors are supported by 2 LED status indicators
  • There is no need to order a pen holder, this accessory is now integrated into the robot’s structure
  • You get 2 additional GVS connectors for adding new servos to your project

Please note that the accessories originally intended for BitBot are not compatible with BitBot XL. A range of additional specific accessories is currently being developed by 4tronix. But there is some good news: the Makecode extension is compatible with both BitBot and BitBot XL.

Technical specifications of the BitBot XL Programmable Robot

  • Power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • 12  Neopixel® compatible RGB LEDs
  • 2 light sensors
  • 2 line following sensors with indicator LEDs
  • 2 GVS outputs for servo motors (ground, 5 Vdc and signal)
  • 1 on/off switch
  • 1 buzzer connected on P0
  • Robot dimensions: 120 x 120 x 44 mm
  • Wheel dimensions: 44 x 18 mm

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