Tapis Ville Française
Tapis Ville Française

BeeBot/BlueBot - French City Mat

TTS | A-000000-04258

A mat depicting the streets of a French city and its shops, to send the educational robot BeeBot or BlueBot shopping!

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Size Chart

BeeBot/BlueBot robot play mat: a new route to follow

The BeeBot and BlueBot robots help kindergarten and primary school children acquire the basics of the directional language and the logic behind robotic programming operations. The child visualizes the path to be made by the mobile robot, then the "program" by pressing the directional arrows located on the back of the robot.

This French city Mat allows you to introduce new challenges in your workshops with BeeBot/BlueBot, for example by proposing a running list to the children. The little robot will have to go from shop to shop to fetch meat, bread or withdraw money.

Technical specifications of the BlueBot/Beebot mat

  • Size: 120 x 75 cm
  • Number of boxes: 40 per liter


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