Robot programmable Maqueen (micro:bit non incluse)

Programming Robot Platform Maqueen (micro:bit not included)

Robot programmable Maqueen (micro:bit non incluse)
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Programming Robot Platform Maqueen ROB0148-EN: a small educational robot with great talent!

The micro: bit Maqueen robot is an intelligent and educational mobile platform in the shape of a car. It embeds many sensors to follow lines drawn on the ground, avoid obstacles or react to a change in brightness.

In addition, it comes with game cards and manuals that allow the child to "hack" his robot... that is to say to improve and customize it, in record time!

Multiple programming languages (from Mind+ to Python)

Maqueen is an educational robot compatible with 4 programming languages. It follows the evolution of each child by proposing more and more complex coding challenges:

  • Mind+ : a visual language based on Scratch, which helps the user in his first steps with Maqueen;
  • Scratch : the famous visual programming editor. Perfect for working on your first algorithms;
  • MakeCode : the open-source Windows platform for micro:bit allows the editing of programming blocks, or lines of code in JavaScript;
  • Python : if you want to fully exploit all of Maqueen's possibilities, it's time to play in the big leagues with scripts in Python language!

Technical specifications of the Maqueen robot ROB0148-EN

  • Recommended age: 8 years and +
  • Delivered without micro:bit board
  • Support multiple platforms: Mind+, Scratch, MakeCode, Python


  • 2 wheels
  • 1 ultrasonic sensor
  • 1 holder for 3 AAA batteries
  • 1 body with metal motor gears and ball bearing
  • 2 infrared Grayscale Sensor(High-low level)
  • 1 buzzer
  • 1 Infrared Receiver (NEC decoder)
  • 4 RGB Ambient Light (
  • 1 SR04, SR04P Ultrasonic Interface(5V)
  • 1 I2C Interface (3.3V)
  • 2 servo ports
  • 2 IO expansion ports
  • 1 slot for micro: bit board (not included)
  • Compatible with micro:bit v1 and v2

Maqueen Educational Robot Resources

Data sheet
Age group
9-11 years
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