Carte d'extension BitMaker pour micro:bit

BitMaker - Grove Expansion Board for Micro:bit

Seeed Studio | A-000000-04290

Seeed Studio's BitMaker expansion board offers the ideal solution for micro:bit fans who also love the simplicity of Grove System.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

An expansion board designed for BBC micro:bit

BitMaker is a credit card sized expansion board with an Edge connector designed to hold the micro:bit board. It comes with a micro-USB power supply, buzzer, on/off switch and 4 addressable RGB LEDs.

Please note that the micro:bit BBC board is not included with BitMaker.

An interface for Grove module enthusiasts

The special feature of this expansion board is its " Grove-friendly " interface. You will find 6 Grove connectors 100% compatible with pins P0/P1, P1/P2, P2/P12, P8/P14, P16/P15 and I2C on your micro:bit board.

You will also find 5 pads for banana plugs or crocodile clips that show the pins P0, P1, P2, 3V3 and GND.

BitMaker extension board for microbit - Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of the BitMaker board for micro:bit

  • Power supply: 5 V via micro USB cable
  • On/Off switch
  • Interfaces:
    • P0, P1, P2, P8 and P16 on Grove connector
    • I2C bus on Grove connector
    • Micro-USB for power supply only
  • 4 addressable RGB LEDs
  • Buzzer on pin P0
  • Working Current: 1.5A (Max) Built-in overcurrent protection
  • Dimensions: 70 x 57 x 12 mm 
  • Weight: 40 g
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