Kit robot BitCar (carte micro:bit non incluse)

BitCar robot kit (micro:bit board not included)

Kit robot BitCar (carte micro:bit non incluse)
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End of life product

The Bitcar robotic kit is based on the features of the BBC micro:bit board and the Grove system. The result is an autonomous and customizable vehicle, to be programmed on MakeCode.


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BitCar robot kit: an effective way to get started in mobile robotics

The BitCar kit consists of a chassis, two metal gear motors, two wheels and a power coupler. It is very simple to assemble and has all the basic electronics that will allow you to get started in mobile robotics without stumbling.

BitMaker expansion board for micro:bit - Technical Specifications

BitCar thus integrates a buzzer, two line follower modules, and an infrared receiver for remote control. You can also install an ultrasonic detector and thus allow your robot vehicle to avoid obstacles by itself. If you want to drive your BitCar with a Bluetooth connection, this is also possible with the BitPlayer controller. In this case, you will need a micro:bit board for the BitCar kit, and one for the BitPlayer.

Easy to program and improve

The BitCar kit leaves room for imagination thanks to the Grove compatibility of the micro:bit board. Use the remaining free ports to add your accessories: sensors, LED arrays, etc.

The BitCar robot kit, is based on micro:bit and can of course be programmed on MakeCode and MicroPython. Microsoft MakeCode offers a fun solution for learning robotic programming with an easy-to-access, open-source programming editor.

Technical specifications of BitCar

  • Visual block programming (Scratch equivalent) and Python


  • 1 BitCar chassis
  • 2 Metal Gear Motors
  • 2 wheels
  • 1 coupler 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Pin-out used on the micro:bit board:
  • P13 to P16: for geared motors
  • P8 for RGB LEDs
  • P1 and P2 for line followers
  • Dimensions: 108 x 89 x 71 mm
  • Weight: 138 g
  • micro:bit board not included

BitCar robot resources

From installation to programming, find all the resources you need to operate your BitCar kit with the resources below:

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