Rescue Line mat 60x90 cm
Rescue Line mat 60x90 cm

Rescue Line mat 60x90 cm

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Training mat for the Rescue Line event of the RoboCupJunior. Available in various designs.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

An ideal training for the RoboCup Jr.

Train in competition-like conditions with these Rescue Line RoboCup Junior mats. Each course has 6 patterns used in the official French competition fields, and includes the following difficulties:

  • intersection with green marker
  • Intersection without a green marker
  • line discontinuity (pattern A)
  • Turns

The A and B mats can be juxtaposed for a longer run.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions : 60x90 cm
  • Line width: 1.5 cm

RoboCup Jr. Rescue Line Mat Resources:

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