Shield Grove pour Arduino Nano

Grove Shield for Arduino Nano

Seeed Studio | A-000000-04262

This Grove shield for Arduino Nano or Seeeduino Nano provides a new connection space including 8 Grove connectors to develop your projects.

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Size Chart

Grove Shield: the expansion of your Arduino Nano

Put away your soldering iron, jumper cables and breadboards. Seeed studio's Grove shield is for all electronics and robotics fans who are just starting out and want a simple and efficient system.

All you have to do is connect your Arduino Nano to this shield and immediately use the 8 Grove connectors on board. You can enjoy the entire Grove system with a multitude of plug-and-play modules to be programmed into the Arduino IDE: sensors, actuators or display modules.

Technical specifications of the shield for Arduino Nano


  • 3 Grove digital connectors
  • 3 Grove analog connectors
  • 1 Grove I2C connector
  • 1 Grove UART connector
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