Carte d'extension moto:bit pour micro:bit (Qwiic)

Moto:bit Carrier Board for micro:bit (Qwiic)

Carte d'extension moto:bit pour micro:bit (Qwiic)
SparkFun | A-000000-04271
End of life product

The moto:bit carrier board provides accessible support for novice roboticists to create their first robotic platform with micro:bit.


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Moto:bit for micro:bit: 2 motors, 2 servos, and a handful of extra sensors

The moto:bit carrier board has been designed for beginners in electronics and robotics who want to fully exploit the possibilities of their micro:bit microcontroller by building a basic robotic chassis. This board has the appropriate ports and facilitates the connection of 2 motors and 2 servomotors.

You also have analog and digital I/O pins to connect your sensors. Lastly, the moto:bit board has a Qwiic connector so that you can develop all sorts of unique creations using compatible sensors mounted in a chain.

Technical specifications of the moto:bit board

  • Full H-Bridge for control of two motors
  • Control servo motors
  • Vertical Qwiic Connector
  • I2C port for extending functionality
  • Power and battery management onboard for the micro:bit

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