Carte d'extension gator:bit 2.0 pour micro:bit

gator:bit 2.0 Carrier Board for micro:bit

Carte d'extension gator:bit 2.0 pour micro:bit
SparkFun | A-000000-04272
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Gator:bit is a carrier board intended for both teachers and beginners in robotics. It allows a fast and secure connection of your modules, motors and other accessories.

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gator:bit 2.0 carrier board: use your alligator clips

The gator:bit carrier board for micro:bit offers new connection options, this time with 7 GPIO pins, 3 SPI pins and 2 I2C pins to make them usable with simple alligator clips. The GPIOs benefit from specific protection to facilitate access.

A wide input voltage range, 3 power supply modes and an output voltage regulator make this micro:bit extension a smart and powerful accessory for all kinds of projects.

Technical specifications of gator:bit for micro:bit

  • micro:bit card edge connector
  • Input voltage: 2.7V - 9V
  • 5 built in addressable LEDs
  • 1 Built in buzzer
  • Outputs: 3.3 and 5 V
  • 7 protected input/output pins
  • 3 pins for SPI communication
  • 2 pins for I2C
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