Ohbot 2.1 Kit with Software (for Windows)
Ohbot 2.1 Kit with Software (for Windows)
Ohbot 2.1 Kit with Software (for Windows)

Ohbot 2.1 educational Kit

Ohbot | A-000000-04122

The Ohbot 2.1 kit for children includes all the parts needed to make a 7-motor robot head. Once the kit is completed, it can be programmed using Scratch!

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Size Chart

Ohbot: a robot head that’s programmable from the age of 7

Ohbot is a humanoid robot head capable of showing many facial expressions, reacting to its surroundings, and even speaking! Simply use the supplied USB cable to connect Ohbot to a PC, and start having fun! Using Scratch, children can change the behaviour of the robot, program it to react as they wish, alter its expressions...

Your child can create their first programmes in no time to explore the possibilities offered by Ohbot. It includes text-to-speech technology so that children can program it to say whatever they like.

A comprehensive Ohbot kit

The Ohbot 2.1 kit includes all the necessary parts for assembling the robot head. It has seven motors to provide a range of facial expressions. Graphical assembly instructions (available in the resources below) make it easy to build. Each kit is suitable for up to 4 children so that it can be used in a classroom, as part of a robotics workshop.

Technical specifications of the Ohbot 2.1 kit

Kit includes:

  • Ohbot v2.1 parts
  • 1 USB cable
  • Age: 7 years and over

Resources for the Ohbot 2.1 kit

Easily build your Ohbot 2.1 thanks to the online instructions!

Data sheet

Programming language
Age group
12-14 Jahre
Age group
9-11 years
Age group
6-8 years
Robot type
Building set
Robot type
Humanoid robot

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