SM-10 Servo Motor for Robotis Dream

Robotis | A-000000-04613
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The SM-10 Servo Motor, designed for use with the Robotis Dream kit, is a versatile choice, ideal for powering mobile robotic vehicles, robotic joints, etc.

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Robotis SM-10 servo motor: 2 modes

The SM-10 can be used as an ordinary motor or a servo motor:

  • In Spin Mode, it works like the SM-10A motor, and you can control its speed and direction using the compatible controller
  • In Joint Mode, you can maintain a certain angle or move a robotic joint by setting both the rotation speed and position value

This servo is compatible with the Robotis Dream and Robotis Smart kits.

Technical specifications of the SM-10 servo for Robotis kits

  • Gear ratio: 194:1
  • Speed: 85 RPM @ 3V
  • Weight: 16 g
  • Dimensions: 18 x 36 x 27 mm
  • Compatible controllers: CM-100A, CM-150, CM-200, OpenCM7.0
  • Compatible Robotis kits: DREAM levels 1-5, SMART levels 1-2

Resources for the SM-10 servo

Below you’ll find all the necessary resources for getting your Robotis SM-10 servo motor to work properly.

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